The 2017 RITES Program

The 2017 RITES Program-img

Dr. Naa Okaikor Addison

“The research experience has also been great. The weekly research seminars during which there are presentations by various faculty members have really broadened my understanding of the research dynamics and increased my interest in medical research as a whole. Over the ensuing weeks, I had the enviable opportunity to have the Yale New Haven Hospital Medical Microbiology Laboratory fully accessible to me to learn from their repertoire of tests, see the advanced equipment I had previously only read about or seen pictures of, and learn some very essential concepts concerning the practice of medical microbiology. I must say that the RITES program has been an all-encompassing package which I have thoroughly enjoyed! I am so grateful for the opportunity.”

- Dr. Naa Okaikor Addison | 2019 RITES Recipient

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